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Rainbow Class Curriculum Letter

Green Class Curriculum Letter

Yellow Class Curriculum Letter

Blue Class Curriculum Letter

Orange Class Curriculum Letter

Red Class Curriculum Letter

Purple Class Curriculum Letter

Curriculum Intent Statements

All children in the school follow the National Curriculum programs of study.

This includes: Core subjects: Mathematics, English, Science.

Key Objectives for Reading

Key Objectives for Writing

Key Objectives for Science

Key Objectives for Maths

Maths Calculation Policy for EYFS - Year 1

Maths Calculation Policy for Year 2

Maths Calculation Policy for Year 3 - Year 4

Maths Calculation Policy for Year 5 -Year 6

Foundation subjects: RE, Computing, Technology, History, Geography, Music, PE, Art and Design, PSHE and SRE.

In Religious Education the school also follows guidelines provided by Devon County Council. We teach children about many faiths and encourage tolerance and understanding of others. Any parent has the right to withdraw their child from Religious Education by stating that they do not wish their child to receive Religious Education instruction from the school.

Devon Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education 2019 - 2024

We firmly believe that children progress better when parents are able to support their learning. We therefore offer these document to help parents support their children's learning.

A Parent's Guide to The Curriculum: outlines the coverage of the 2015 National Curriculum

A Parent's Guide to EYFS: explains the early years goals.

A Guide to Phonics

A Guide to English in Year 1

A Guide to English in Year 2

A Guide to English in Year 3

A Guide to English in Year 4

A Guide to English in Year 5

A Guide to English in Year 6

Please click on the link to see a copy of Copplestone's learning journey for each subject.

Art Learning Journey

Computing Learning Journey

D&T Learning Journey

French Learning Journey

Geography Learning Journey

History Learning Journey

Music Learning Journey

PE Learning Journey

PSHE Learning Journey

Science Learning Journey


RSE Letter

PSHE and RSE Curriculum Overview

RSE School Guide For Parents