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Purple and Red Class Trip to Exeter Mosque

Purple and Red class enjoyed an interesting visit to the Exeter Islamic Centre on Wednesday. We met the Imam in the conference room who explained what he does as leader of the Mosque and how he learnt all 600 pages of the Quran by the time he was 11 years old. We were shown the men's prayer hall and we listened to a recording of the call to prayer which he translated to us from Arabic. He told us about the five pillars of Islam and answered all the questions the children and staff had. Purple and Red class then split up in Exeter to carry out geography fieldwork. Purple class worked in groups to locate green spaces around the city centre and mark them on maps. The groups also had to use their maps to take the class from one location to another. Red class explored the flora and fauna of Northernhay gardens and then visited two different streets to compare the houses and the environment.

Year 6 Residential

Year 6 had a wonderful time at Skern Lodge for their residential this week. The children were incredibly supportive to their friends and classmates and their great behaviour was commented on by the instructors on the last day – well done Purple Class!